Cafe in the observation deck

Eat at the Cafe with magnificent view

At "Cafe in the observation deck", you can enjoy local gourmet dishes made with selected local ingredients. Please enjoy the "deliciousness" while looking at the scenery of the Gassho-zukuri from the observatory that overlooks the Gassho-zukuri village in Shirakawa-go. 

The taste can only be found in Cafe in the observation deck

Gohei-mochi is a type of rice cake that is baked with a special homemade miso sauce that contains ground wild sesame, walnuts and sesame seeds, Shirakawa-go churros with crispy and chewy rice flour and so on.Enjoy this unique "delicious" dish.

Selected original burger

Hida beef burger uses Hida beef that has established itself as one of Japan's leading brand wagyu.It uses A5 rank Hida beef and it is characterized by delicate, soft and rich taste.
Yuiuma pork burger uses Yuiuma pork from Shirakawa-go, which was born and raised there. It has a strong taste and the fat with an elegant sweetness are refreshing but delicious.

The sauce for both of them is handmade garlic soy sauce which is aged for more than a month. Buns are made from whole wheat flour.


We have a variety of menus other than the ones listed below.

Yuiuma pork meat roll dumpling

Hida beef burger

Gohei-mochi rice cake


Ice drink

Coffee ¥400
Cafe Latte ¥400
Cafe Mocha ¥400
Cocoa ¥400
Black Tea ¥400
Milk Tea ¥400
Ginger Tea ¥400
Matcha ¥400
Matcha Milk ¥400

Hot drink

Coffee ¥400
Americano ¥400
Espresso ¥400
Cafe Latte ¥400
Cafe Mocha ¥400
Cappuccino ¥400
Cocoa ¥400
Hojicha Tea Latte(Roasted green Tea) ¥400
Matcha Latte ¥400

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Cafe in the observation deck

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Due to the weather etc, our opening hours may change or we may close. Please check the opening hours in advance.
Terrace seats are not available during rainy weather and winter.
Smoking is prohibited in the entire premises.