The Restautrant TENSHUKAKU


For the restaurant TENSHUKAKU,you need to make a reservation one week in advance to use it. Kindly please make a reservation in advance before your visit.
*Even if it is shorter than a week before, you may be able to make a reservation in some cases, so please call us.


The warm taste of Shirakawa-go

Rice grown in rich soil and clean water, seasonal vegetables and wild vegetables.
Rice cooked with black rice from Shirakawa-go, Ishiwari Tofu from Shirakawa-go, and Hoba Miso that brings out the aroma.
Please enjoy our hearty hospitality.

Special seats overlooking the observatory

The restaurant "TENSHUKAKU" has a deck where you can look down on the observation deck from a higher place. Only those who eat at here can use it, and you can enjoy the scenery of Shirakawa Village which is different from the observation deck.



Hida Beef with Hoba Miso, Ishiwari Tofu, Hida Soba with Grated Yam, Candied Trout, 4 Wild Vegetables, Rice with Black Rice, Pickles, Fruits

2,200 yen (tax included)

Hida Beef Grilled with Hoba Miso Set Meal

Hoba Miso with Hida Beef, Ishiwari Tofu, Hida Soba, Candied Trout, 2 Wild Vegetables, Rice with Black Rice, Pickles, Fruits

1,650 yen(tax included)

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The reataurant for group TENSHUKAKU

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*Please contact us by phone for other payment method

Regular Holiday

*Please contact us by phone


8 large vehicles


Due to the weather etc, our opening hours may change or we may close. Please check the opening hours in advance.